Living in Lycra goes live…

Welcome to my bliggity bloggity blog, a place where I’m sharing stories of my whirlwind triathlon journey for me any anyone else who wants to jump aboard. I have contemplated writing a blog for some time now, but a few things have held me back. Will anyone read it, and what do I have to say that so many others haven’t said already, what if people judge/criticise what I’ve written? Lucky for me triathlon has literally changed me as a person, the self doubt is slow diminishing and the ‘anything is possible’ attitude is resonating through. Some of the fears are still there at the back of my mind, but in the spirit of having no regrets, here I am writing a blog, documenting the highs and lows, trials and tribulations, blood, sweat and tears of triathlon training. 

I started this sport about 2 years ago with absolutely no sporting background and zero fitness, but I’ll leave that story for another time. Now as I’m penning this first post it is just 2 weeks until Noosa Tri (an olympic distance world famous event in my home town). It’s also 4 weeks until I tackle my third Ironman, this time in Malaysia. To say I’m nervous about both of these races would be an understatement, it’s basically all I can think about. As I’m running, riding, swimming, working, driving, hanging out the washing and drifting off to sleep thoughts about the upcoming races are forever crossing my mind. They aren’t all bad thoughts don’t worry, I’m so excited about many aspects, but I’m my biggest critic and I put my heart and soul into training, which results in me putting huge pressure and expectations on myself. Hopefully this blog can double as a sounding board to get some of these thoughts off my mind, and give the people in my life a break from hearing about triathlons so much. 

They say if your goals don’t scare you they aren’t big enough… Well 2016 is looking to be somewhat terrifying at this stage! I have some pretty huge plans, dreams and goals for next year and looking forward to sharing them with you soon, in the meantime I still have to finish 2015 off with a bang. So if you’re up for it, welcome aboard the gain train, strap yourself in its probably going to be a bumpy ride! Thanks for stopping by and having a read, In the next few weeks I aim to get this blog properly up and going, as you can imagine full time work and Ironman training doesn’t leave a lot of time to fiddle with technology and write entertaining posts. But be sure to sign up on the left hand side to follow this blog, and I welcome any feedback on what you’d like to read about.
Until next time, may you do what you love and love what you do. #YOLO

Chloe x

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