It’s official…

Yesterday I received two huge reminders about what an epic week it’s going to be… One was a special package from Foher Multisport and the other was an email from Ironman Malaysia, subject: Race Week Is Here!   
Race week most certainly is here, all the hard work is done, I’m midway through my taper and counting down the sleeps til race day. I’ve worked so hard to be where I am right now, and unless you’re in my inner circle and witnessed it first hand or you’ve trained for an ironman yourself you might not realise what it means. 

It’s not just waking up at the crack of dawn to train EVERY SINGLE DAY, waking up is sometimes the easiest part (as it becomes a habit.) Once you’re awake you’ve then got to put in the hard slog, swimming, riding or running even when your muscles are screaming to stop. 20km runs before working 12 hours on my feet were the hardest. My legs ached all day, but the run was for fun, the work a necessity. The long and challenging swim squads were so satisfying but made me hungry all day, my colleagues reckon they have never met anyone who eats so much. During winter I woke up at 5am in the freezing cold (sooky Queenslander, I can hear it already), it would’ve been nicer to stay in bed but that triathlon wasn’t going to train itself, and it wasn’t all bad, Thursday ride/run brick sessions were my favourite. Even if I was exhausted and on struggle street the social aspect and banter from my squadies made me leave with a smile every week (even if sometimes I didn’t arrive happy). 

Then there was Sunday’s… The first day of my weekend every week involved a long ride ranging from 120-180km (up to 7 hours) then running off the bike and in the afternoon doing a 1.8km ocean swim. It literally would take up my whole Sunday and leave me in a zombie like state (just ask my Mum, sometimes she would question my sanity!) But Sunday’s were my number one day, the day I knew would make the biggest difference come race day, and I’ll draw on them on Saturday no doubt. This week I had a short ride and was finished by 8am, what a treat. Although it just didn’t feel like a Sunday, I was left twiddling my thumbs, what do ‘normal’ people actually do on Sunday’s? 

Ironman training is like nothing I’ve ever done before, it’s pushing myself to the limits day in day out, but the challenge keeps me interested and coming back for more. There’s nothing like a challenge, and nothing better than being able to share it with like minded people. When I started getting into triathlons last year I was looking up triathlon posts on social media and came across Foher Multisport on Instagram. A company that is 100% Australian owned and made and supporting women in sport. Sounded great so I followed them and very quickly became immersed in the Foher community. Last week I received the great news that I had been selected as a 2016 Foher Brand Ambassador, and yesterday I received my Official Fohette Tri suit, something I will wear with absolute pride during Ironman Malaysia.

To be selected as an ambassador for a brand is something that comes with a huge sense of responsibility and pride. The founding Fohette’s decided that I have the same values/ideals as them and essentially entrusted me to exemplify their values and promote them to the wider community. 

Just to make things crystal clear I did not accept this ambassador role for freebies, I have a great job and am lucky enough to be able to do triathlon as a hobby not an income source. I have an active social media presence but I do it for fun, and to meet great people, not to score free gear. I am not here on my personal blog to plug a brand for the sake of it. I accepted the Foher Amabassador because I love their product. The first time I wore Foher I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, I was swimming around the Noosa canal in a club race and it was that damn comfortable I felt like I had struck gold! It is actually the most comfortable trisuit I have ever worn. I don’t think people can really appreciate that until they’ve worn others, suffered chafe and been uncomfortable, but that’s ok, you live and you learn… Then you find a better alternative. 

But there’s one more thing… I’ll let you in on a secret, Foher girls are actually the happiest people on course… Look at the photos, it doesn’t matter what distance, what race, if there’s a girl with a Foher suit she will have a huge smile on her dial. It’s like we all know a little secret that makes us grin, we high 5 the other Fohette’s on course even if we don’t know them… We yell ‘Go Foher’ to each other and we literally have the time of our lives out there. I don’t know why, if it’s because a special type of person buys a Foher tri suit, or if maybe the tri suit makes you into a special type of person.
I guess you’ll never know whether there’s actually a secret behind that smile unless you join the Foherfam, but next time you’re racing or spectating I challenge you to try find a Fohette that’s not smiling… Bet you can’t!

Thank you to the wonderful girls at Foher for giving me this opportunity it means a lot to me. Thanks to my family for their unwavering love and support, and to my friends, training buddies, instafam and complete strangers, WOW you are all awesome. They say triathlon isn’t a team sport but I beg to differ, cheers for sharing this crazy journey with me. I’ll be drawing on all of your support, wisdom and kindness come race day and I hope I do you proud. But for now I best get packing… I’ve got a plane to catch!

Until next time, may you swim, ride and run as happy as a Fohette!
Chloe x

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