2016. Dream then Do.

A new year has rolled around and somehow we have already finished the first week of it. Where does time go? On New Years Eve and New Years day there is a lot of talk about fresh starts and goals and what’s going to be different in 2016. Who doesn’t love the feeling of opening up a fresh unused notebook, not just a blank page but a whole blank book. I guess that’s what a new year brings, new hope and a fresh chance to be the best you can be. So one week into 2016, how are your resolutions and goals going?

2016 calendar donuts

Obviously it may be too soon for some of them, if your goal was to save money each fortnight towards a house deposit maybe you haven’t had a payday yet so would be easy to say it’s too early. But could you have brought lunch from home one or two days this week instead of buying it to save money? Food for thought (pun intended). Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a boring post making you feel guilty about spending money or not exercising, rather just one to challenge what goals we have set for ourselves. Are they things we are wildly passionate about achieving?

A few of the goals I set for 2015 weren’t ticked off, but easily could have been if I had set my mind to achieving them. Conversely, the ones I was skeptical about including (due to fear of failure) but passionate about, were all either achieved or still on track to do so. As a result this year I have reduced my goals down to just 3, I have left off all the ones that I usually include just because society says so.

hell yes no

Yes we all probably should aim to get fit, lose weight, reduce debt, save money, drink less alcohol, be more organised, show gratitude, seize the day, spend time with loved ones, travel more, complain less, or try to get a promotion etc. And sure they are things we could strive for in daily life, but what’s going to make you jump out of bed in the morning? What is it that’s worth the early mornings training or late nights working? What’s the one thing that you can’t go a day without thinking about? And when is it going to happen, when are you going to start making changes that need to occur to turn your dream into reality?

Everyone has different goals, ranging from increasing fitness to financial stability, there’s endless articles around for how to achieve them… I am no expert (at life or goal setting) and haven’t got anything to say that probably hasn’t been said already but here’s my 2 cents worth on how to dream, then do.

sunrise beach 2016


  1. Make a goal or three. Some people say you should have SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time specific) probably wise, but I reckon have a goal so big it scares you.


  1. Once you have your goals, write down the realistic amount of time you have per week to achieve it and work backwards from there to hatch a plan. Plan, plan, plan… Whether it’s your training program, weekly meals, work schedule or financial budget, having a plan is vital I reckon. Buy a calendar, some pens or highlighters and fill it in, schedule important things first (like training of course) and fill in everything else around it. You might prefer to do this on trainingpeaks or icalendar (and create vision boards on pinterest)… But a planning session with a calendar, coloured pens, a pinboard, magazines and scissors can be good for the soul too.


  1. Remember your purpose every day. Put your goals somewhere you will see them- Every. Damn. Day. I have mine on my bathroom wall, I see them when I am half asleep and off to training at 5am and right before I go to bed. You might have your dream luxury house photo on your desktop screen at work, or bikini body goal on their fridge. As cliché as it seems, evidence suggests that visualising the goal does help you achieve it.


  1. Have a little faith in yourself. You set the goal because you obviously think you can achieve it (even if its wildly ambitious) so have some confidence and believe!


  1. Make yourself accountable to someone, whether it be a coach, partner, mentor, family member or training buddy. Depending on your goals, your coach or mentor might not have to be an expert or cost a fortune. Just someone you trust, with a little knowledge on the topic who can provide guidance and support along the way and give you an oomph when you need it (that’s the technical term).


  1. Be prepared for the doubters, there will always be doubters. Maybe its envy that you have such a clear vision, or maybe they just don’t understand or see what you see. It could also be Tall Poppy Syndrome, especially as Aussies, we love to cut those poppies down. Be prepared to sacrifice everything for a dream no one can see but you, and as Tay Tay would say ‘shake it off’.


  1. Hold the vision. Trust the process. There’s going to be great days and some not so good day, you will doubt the process and question yourself, your sanity and probably your life purpose (sounds extreme but if you have experienced Ironman training you will understand where I’m coming from). If the goal is something you truly want it will be worth it in the end… Be positive and be patient.

smile devote dream quote

So lets do it together, before the weekend is out decide 3 things that you want to achieve this year. Write them down, tell the world, tell your family, tell me or tell no one… It’s up to you. All I’m going to say is that in a year from now you will wish you had started today. I’ll keep you posted throughout the year how mine are going and hope you do the same.


Have a great weekend and may the rest of your life be the best of your life.


Chloe x

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