With Passion and Purpose

So I’ve had a pretty inspiring weekend, I don’t actually know where to start or who to write about. Do I write about my colleague who 3 months ago declared herself ‘not a runner’ but said she wished she was? She then started putting some little jogging intervals into her walks and increased the run distance each day.

On Saturday morning she came to work proud as punch, you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. She had run the farthest in her whole life, not even sure of how far, but said it was from the beach entrance near her house to the Sunshine Beach rock wall (my estimate is about 3km). Regardless of the distance, her sheer determination, persistence and triumph absolutely made my day.


Then I contemplated writing about the value of having great training buddies who not only keep you honest during a training session, pushing each other to go further, faster, forever. But they are partly responsible for you getting out of bed in the morning when its dark and cold outside, no one wants to let down a friend. I swam, rode and ran with some awesome peeps over the weekend and wouldn’t have done what I did without them.

Actually speaking of those awesome peeps, they were almost my undoing on Sunday… I had arranged to ride with Karen, run with Lisa and swim with Courts… Pretty excited about all three it briefly crossed my mind that maybe it was too much, but I couldn’t choose between them and was equally excited about each. 3 hour ride, 2 hour trail run and half hour ocean swim. Basically did a 70.3 triathlon (in the wrong order) at the end of a huge working week. At about 7pm Sunday night I admitted defeat. It was way too much, my legs were spasming in cramps and I was exhausted. But how satisfying is exercise induced exhaustion?

Trail Runner Mama had me spent, it’s harder than you think!

So I thought about writing a piece about over-doing it, or disobeying the coach/training program (albeit most people skip sessions, not chuck in an extra 2 hour run for fun). But that didn’t seem right, I’m not here to try and be an authority on what to do or not to do. Hell, I’m here to brake the rules not enforce them (just kidding coach). I’m not perfect, I am doing triathlons and sharing the journey because I love it, and it gives me some purpose in life.

Purpose, there’s that word again. It popped up on the weekend when chatting with one of my training buddies. We were discussing whether it was weird that triathlon gave us purpose in life? We aren’t doing it for money (quite the opposite actually, its not a cheap sport). But without it we would literally just eat, sleep, work, repeat. It gave us reason for those other things.

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”

Triathlon makes me bound out of bed in the morning, it gives me short and long term goals and things to look forward to and work towards. I love training, racing and even just talking about it. I was in a bad mood at work not long ago and one of the girls started talking about buying a bike, bam just like that my mood was flipped. You cant fake passion, and I don’t need to, when you love something it shows. A few years ago I remember Googling hobbies, I wanted something more out of life, at that stage I never would have expected anything ‘exercise’ related to become my passion.

In my opinion and experience having a passion or a purpose is probably one of the most important and enriching things in life. I have a good education, a wonderful family, great friends and a stable career but I can honestly say that having dreams and a purpose that money can’t buy is what holds it all together and keeps me going.

I’m not exactly sure when this hobby became my passion, or where this triathlon journey is headed. But whilst I’m loving the training and racing, meeting so many awesome and inspirational people and it’s enriching my life every damn day, well it’s serving its purpose.

Please don’t spend your life just working to pay the bills because society says so. Find your passion, chase your dreams and never let anyone dull your sparkle.


Until next time, be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire.

Chloe xx

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