It’s a snapshot not the whole story

Do you ever scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and feel like everyone else has their lives way more together than you do?

Some of my high school classmates look like they’ve stepped out of a Vogue magazine photoshoot with their flawless skin and fashionable attire. Not to mention their adorable babies that make your ovaries cry because they are just so sweet looking.

Then there’s our Martha Stewart friends, who bake extravagant and impressive cakes or feasts and claim they just ‘whipped this up’ putting the rest of us to shame… I am pretty stoked with myself when I poach an egg and the yolk doesn’t burst.

(but seriously how satisfying is it to nail a poached an egg?)

Then there’s the fitness posts… Those people who have to share their mid-stroke swimming pictures, cycling selfies, running shoes, Garmin shots, finish line photos, gym selfies, hiking adventures, hockey goals, the list is endless.

How do you make swimming look fun? Did you even do any work or do you just take photos? These were actual questions I was asked after yesterdays squad.  Our squad is hard, it’s fast, it’s a lot of work  and its totally worth it. At the end of a particularly gruelling set yesterday a couple of my squadies and I spent about 2 minutes taking a few fun photos… We posted them to social media and people asked if we actually did any work at squad? Um yeah, we start swimming at 5am and swim for about 90 minutes, we had done 4km before most people had finished their breakfast.


It was asked in jest I think, and we did make swimming look fun… But it really just highlighted the fact that things aren’t always what they appear to be. It’s a snap shot not the whole picture. You didn’t see us struggling through the hard parts of our main swim set, nor did you see my 3pm slump when the after effects of the 4am wake up started to set in.

Likewise when I see photos in my newsfeed of your adorable mini humans making parenting look like it’s a breeze… I am 100% sure that there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff we don’t see. Are they always that smiley and well behaved? Or were you up and down all night battling with her two year old molars coming through?

Did she just throw the worlds biggest tantrum at the supermarket and fling herself on the floor wailing at the top of her lungs, before she feel soundly asleep and you put up that cutesy carseat sleeping shot on Facebook of her looking peaceful?

You don’t see all of the struggles in day to day life that people go through, who wants to share that on social media? Most people share what they are interested in, what they feel passionately about and/or what makes them happy. When I come home from a long run that leaves me feeling high on life I want to sing it from rooftops and share it with the world.

So don’t go comparing your own lives to what you see on Facebook or Instagram… And don’t believe everything you see. It’s a snapshot not the whole picture. But please do keep sharing whatever makes you happy, you never know who you’re inspiring.

Although Pokemon GO? Seriously? That’s one topic that can stop spamming my newsfeed!

Until next time, remember comparison is the thief of joy.

Chloe xx

3 thoughts on “It’s a snapshot not the whole story

    1. Thanks Heidi, maybe we should do it every now and again but it wouldn’t be as inspiring would it. I have thought about posting blisters photos haha but think I would lose readers!
      Catch up soon, hope you are well xx


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