Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and It’s all Small Stuff.

Every single part of me wishes I wasn’t having to write this post, or wear the moonboot that is on my foot. In my last post Dream It. Believe It. Live It.  I explained my upcoming races and how excited I was to put all the training from the last couple of months to the test. I mentioned that I had a niggle of plantar fasciitis in my foot and needed to sort that out… Well things didn’t quite unfold as I expected.

To cut a really long story short, since writing that post my foot took a slight detour off course and I am no longer going to be able to compete in Noosa Tri, Hervey Bay 100 or Canberra Triple Edge Triathlon, yep every single one of the races I have been training for has been ruled out.

At some stage during the last few weeks, the inflammation in my foot progressed into a tear of the plantar fascia (the ligament connecting the heel bone to the toes, it supports the arch of your foot). It’s a moderate tear (13 x 6 x 2 mm) covering 25% of my plantar fascia (boohoo).

On Tuesday when I found out about the tear I was pretty devastated. It was definitely not the result I was expecting when I walked into the X-ray and imaging centre. I went into the ultrasound assuming it would show localised inflammation and perhaps require a cortisone injection.

Over the last 6-8 weeks I have had a hiatus from running, but every time I tested running again the pain was back (and standing for 9-10 hours a day at work was flaring it up big time). When the sonographer said tear, and mentioned a moonboot and months off running it was like my world had come crashing down.

MONTHS without running? NO races? A MOONBOOT!! Will I be able to ride still? I have put up with the pain for weeks now maybe I can still race? Seriously where did this all come from?

So many questions were racing through my head, and every time I thought about it I was pretty devastated and overwhelmed. But its been 2 days, I have had time to think and maybe things aren’t that bad, every cloud has a silver lining right?

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

I can still swim as normal and ride my bike (providing I get no pain and avoid standing/ getting out of the saddle etc) so wont miss out on all of the fun with my T:Zero squadies and riding with our awesome girl gang.

Also there will be plenty of time to hit the gym and build some core and upper body strength muscles that I am definitely lacking. Plus I can deep water run to maintain some of my running fitness (wow 4 months of water running, if thats not something to get excited about I don’t know what is).

Whilst these silver linings are great, they really don’t take away the disappointment of not being able to race, so I wont pretend everything is hunky dory in my head. I am trying to not sweat the small stuff, as I know in the grand scheme of things this will just be a drop in the ocean, a bump in the road. It is part and parcel of training, you get sick or injured, recover like a boss then bounce back fitter and stronger than ever right?

Coach Scotty keeps reminding me about longevity in the sport, and if I want to be running on my favourite track through the Noosa National Park and racing Ironmans around the globe for many years to come, then I need to do what is right for me, right now.

And right now in addition to having a break from running, I need to put my feet up (moonboot and all), pour a glass of wine and remind you all that if you are going through hell, keep going.

Chloe xx


2 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and It’s all Small Stuff.

  1. so sorry to hear about this! I had PF from 2009-2013 or about 4 years. I did everything under the sun but the Strausburg Sock was the best. Coming into IMNZ in 2012 I took 3 months completely off of running and the foot still really hurt so I just started training anyway and still finished that IM that turned to a 70.3 that year. I too had a tear although not sure of the size. a big hole in the foot. that did take time to heel for sure but after running in 2013 and a marathon DNS I got the sock and believe that is what cured me as well as stetching that calf out before and after every workout. Stretch that calf!


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