Kingy Tri… Makin a Comeback

Last Friday morning it was about 7.50am, I was at work and the boss’s 4 year old son was in at the pharmacy waiting to be dropped preschool. I was chatting to him as we opened the doors and set up the shop…
Me “hey Bruce, guess what I’m doing on the weekend?”
Bruce “what?”
Me “a race…”
I didn’t even get to tell him what sort of race and he had run up to his Dad super excited “Dad! On the weekend Chloe is DOING A RACE!” His sweet little high pitched voice was absolutely bursting with excitement.

Wow, just got myself a fan club (members- one) but there and then I realised, hey this IS exciting, if Brucey is pumped about my race, then I really should be too. He doesn’t care if I’m doing an Ironman or a sprint and neither should I. In saying that I wasn’t even thinking about the distance, I had been more excited about having a weekend off work and road trip with the girls then I had been about racing.

The last race I did was Yeppoon OD Triathlon in early August 2016, only a few weeks after that I tore my Plantar Fascia and proceeded to spend 6 weeks in a moonboot. I think I had about 3 months without riding,  5 months not running, but swam and deepwater ran more than I care to count. I have chosen to block out the amount of money I spent on physiotherapy, massage and wine (all part of the treatment plan) during those months.

This seems like a lifetime ago, the day I got my moony.


So a lot has happened between races, and I didn’t really know what to expect. Since February I have been training well, feeling stronger and more confident as each week ticks by. But at the same time, so long without any training has played havoc with both my fitness levels and confidence. Going into Kingy I literally had no expectations. The goal of the race was to have fun, dust off the cobwebs and give it my all, which I did.

Racked and ready to go… Forgot a towel and sunnies but survived without them.

The swim was over in about 13 minutes, pretty uneventful except for an elbow to the goggles and losing my timing chip, quite standard really. The ride was a two loop course, with plenty of potholes to keep your wits about you. The one real focus I had for this race from my coach was to go HARD on the bike… I have a tendency to slacken off on the bike without realising it. So my instruction was to go hard, which I did… And thank goodness it was only 20km, going hard is hard!

Quick run into T1 and decided to go sans-socks. I had discussed this the night before with the girls, we had decided that a week of blisters wasn’t worth the 30 seconds it would take to put socks on… But after working so hard on the bike I didn’t feel like I could waste the 30 seconds after all, so chose to forget the socks, put on my running shoes, belt and hat and set off to see what these legs could do in the 5km run.

Despite very little speed work and only averaging 2 runs per week since running again, my legs stepped up to the game and ticked over nicely at sub 5min kilometres to get me home pretty speedily and manage a sneaky little podium spot, 3rd in my AG.

Sneaky little podium spot!

I was equally as stoked to hear I came third as I was to get a post-race massage, coffee and breakfast. But the highlight of my weekend was a close tie between the social aspect (think road trip, chilling, chatting and just doing what we love) and the fact that I had no foot pain. Not one iota.  To me the “no pain” component was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, whilst this race may have been shorter in duration than most of my training sessions. It was higher intensity, so a wee part of me expected some troubles… But fingers crossed I am actually  finally heeled (pun intended)!

The roadtrip home was spent planning the next girls weekend away (it may have involved ice-cream at one point too) and wishing we could just give up our day jobs and travel around Australia competing in awesome local events like Kingy Tri.

Three happy little vegemites post race, thanks for an awesome weekend lovelies!


But for now it’s back to the training, grateful for the fire in the belly that Kingy has provided. I am excited about the training for Cairns 70.3 and beyond. At the start of the year I set some pretty big personal goals, and for the first time feel like we are heading in the right direction of ticking them off.

And yes, I have been popping my medal into my handbag each morning, and hoping Brucey will visit us at work… He’s going to LOVE my bling.

Until next time, go spend money you don’t have, on things you don’t need (like race entries and lycra) … Get a few friends to enter too and make a fun weekend of it! You’ll thank me later.

Chloe x


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