Do What You Love and Love What You Do

I got a notification email this week that my blog website was about to expire, so had to make the choice whether to renew it for another year or not. It got me thinking… I really haven’t written much on here lately, despite so many topics popping into my head especially as I drove 1200km across the country to my new home.

I started this blog exactly 2 years ago as I began a 12 week build into Ironman Malaysia. Initially only my close family and friends knew about it, as I wanted to share the journey and I find writing therapeutic and enjoyable. From there it grew as I shared it with the online tri community, and through the blog I have had several wonderful opportunities arise, including travelling to Thanyapura Phuket and becoming a Liv Cycling Ambassador.

Sunrise swimming at Thanyapura was simply amazing.

But do I want to renew it for another year? Is it worth paying the money? Why do I even have a blog? And why don’t I write as much as I would like to? All questions I was asking myself as I rode this morning.

Apart from using writing as a creative outlet for myself, one of the highlights has been the emails and feedback I have received. One lady (who came across it through a mutual friend) popped into the pharmacy to introduce herself and discuss her vitamin needs as a runner after reading my Supplements for Endurance Athletes post. When hearing I was leaving Noosa she returned to the pharmacy to say goodbye and goodluck and said she missed reading my posts, as I haven’t written anything lately.

Another mother and daughter duo who had both just started running, read my post Leap of Faith and told me that the quote “When your mind gives up your body still has 40% more to give” really stuck in their mind, and helped them run further than they thought possible. First 3km then 5km, now I see they love running The Noosa National Park regularly.

Others have just said thank you, for sharing race reports and the feelings that go through our head and hearts. They can relate to what I wrote and it’s somewhat comforting knowing you are not alone. Then there’s people who are experiencing injuries or niggles similar to what I have in the past and contacted me asking for advice. So it’s kind of cool sharing the journey.

Sharing the journey is my favourite part. Photo: FoherCo

We could all just go about our own lives in private and conquer goals and be amazing… But I like reading about other peoples stories and feeling a part of it, whether it be training, travel or life in general. And based on the fact that you’re still reading, I guess you feel the same way too.

So I am going to keep the blog alive, hopefully even write a bit more frequently. Let’s say weekly, if I put it out there then I have to commit to it. I can’t always guarantee I will be positive, we all have our ups and downs but I can promise I’ll be real!

If I can help one person make the decision to get active, if one person gets a smile out of my outback adventures… Hey, if I just help fill in 5 minutes whilst time is moving backwards on a Friday afternoon at work… Then I’ll be happy.

Do yourself (and me) a favour and follow this blog (click follow on sidebar) to stay updated. I’ve got stories coming out my ears of my #countrylife so far, there’s been animals, characters and really freakin huge road trains, niggles (urgh I hate that word), race plans and other genuinely cool things happening.

You know what, I’m so glad I got that renewal reminder notice. Writing this made me remember why I started and that I do love to write. I am now looking forward to writing again!

Outback Queensland goes alright


Until next time, do what you love and love what you do!

Chloe x

7 thoughts on “Do What You Love and Love What You Do

  1. im a secret admirer of you babe and i love reading your blog Xx i feel like were having a bit of a swap of lives in a sense ha ha ha honestly there r a few things I’m going to miss about outback living it truly is a beautiful country we live its the long rides and not running into ANYTHING or ANYONE into what seems like nothing the long flat straight roads which in there own way are beautiful the red dirt and nothingness the sound of the wind across the empty fields of red dust the closeness of the community i really think u have opportunity to change lives where you are now keep doing what your doing and i know i will run into you again very soon Xx enjoy outback life and even though at times it can be trying turn to the positives of it i mean who gets to be so close to a proper road train while riding along no one on the cost would truly know how that feels or riding over catle grids is just a normal part of our every day rides i mean on my normal ride i have to go over about 10 of them lol. its a whole other level of experience

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes life swap indeed! Hopefully you like city living. Road trains are humongous hey, but so far have been so considerate and polite to me! Especially when they come up from behind and somehow I didn’t hear them.
      City traffic isn’t as considerate but there’s so many great things about Brisbane I’m sure you’ll love it.
      Good luck with the big move chicky!! And keep smashing the training, you’ll love Ironman!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yea the outback drivers are a lot more conciderate I think it’s coz there arnt as many cyclists out here as there are on the coast I know I’m going to love Brisbane I’m super excited 8years in the outback is enough for me lol 😂


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