I saw a post on Instagram over the weekend that really resonated with me. Think about it. Who do you encounter in a day, and what affect do you have on their lives? My job for example, I’m a pharmacist, take away the medicine (that might actually make them feel better) but if they come … More Ripples

Leap of Faith

Lately I have been running A LOT. Well, having declared myself ‘not a runner’ for about 27 years, to now be running 6 days a week it seems like a lot to me. For those of you freaking out at 6 days a week don’t worry, they aren’t all long runs and definitely not all … More Leap of Faith

An Open Letter

An open letter to my friends competing in their first long course races this weekend (and also to those whom it isn’t their first, but they need reminding just how awesome they are). Dear Friend, Firstly congratulations, 99% of the population wouldn’t have done what you did, committing to signing up for such an incredible … More An Open Letter

Let The Build Begin

With just 12 weeks until Ironman Cairns it’s time to ramp up the training from ‘ticking things over’ to starting a decent build. The runs and rides will get longer as the days get shorter with Winter on the way. Four, five and maybe even six hour rides on Sunday’s will be the norm again, … More Let The Build Begin