I saw a post on Instagram over the weekend that really resonated with me. Think about it. Who do you encounter in a day, and what affect do you have on their lives? My job for example, I’m a pharmacist, take away the medicine (that might actually make them feel better) but if they come … More Ripples

The Next Challenge

One day at the start of a Maths class in year 12, our teacher drew a long line all the way across the length of the whiteboard. She then put a tiny dot on the line, and said that was the significance of our school formal in life. In the whole scheme of things it really wasn’t a big deal, the day would come and go and life would continue as usual… She was clearly wanting us to stop talking dresses, hairstyles, formal partners and get back to work. At the time it didn’t feel like that was true, but in hindsight she was quite right, and I reckon an Ironman draws a lot of similarities to the small dot on the long line that was our school formal.

The build up to an Ironman is huge, once you pick your race months in advance it’s on your mind a lot. Every day involves training, recovering, refuelling and repeating (of course with a bit of work and family stuff in between). You try not to let it consume your whole life but as the hours of training increase and the date draws closer it manages to creep into most aspects of life.

The day then comes and goes. You either have the best day of your life or … More The Next Challenge

Ironman Cairns 2016

It’s hard to summarise a race that you haven’t quite decided how you feel about. But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It was an elephant sized day but will attempt to summarise it bite by bite… I’ll keep it honest, try to keep it interesting but can’t guarantee I’ll … More Ironman Cairns 2016