Road rash, muscle cramps, sunburn, chafe, blisters, saddle sores, plantar fasciitis, low energy and DOMs… As a pharmacist I regularly see it all (and so much more). Triathletes are training for 3 sports so thrice as likely to present to the pharmacy with some kind of injury or issue. This page will explore some of the common injuries, issues and questions we are presented with as well as product reviews and recommendations.

This page is a work in progress, full time work, part time ironman training and the rest of my time spent doing ‘real life’ things leaves little time for writing. But there are lots of topics I plan to cover so watch this space, also if you have any queries or topics you would like to see written about please contact me.

All opinions are personal and advice is general information so be sure to consult your Doctor or friendly pharmacist about your specific health concerns.

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